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Доска пола в Ашдоде

2 объявления
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Регион Ашдод
320 €/м.куб. FCA
Кубліс, ЧП, UA
Доска пола ширина 100 мм толщина 20 мм. Камерная сушка влажность 20 %, длина до 6 м.
Timber, pine lumber 38 × 88 × 2985/3985 mm
115 $/м.куб. EXW
Timber, ООО, UA +1 объявление
Wood species: pine (category D, dead wood) Drying method: AD We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation. In stock and on...
Найдены объявления в радиусе 40 км от Ашдода
Цена по запросу
ТД Викивуд Юкрейн, ООО, UA, 34 км +4 объявления
I sell the board of beech not edged, dry, steamed. Humidity from 8-10%. Also transport humidity A / B, B / C, A / B / C grade. Also available on...
Wood, timber, lumber, hardwood
Цена по запросу
Petroleum Operating, Филиал, KZ, 34 км +19 объявлений
Sell timber from the producer wholesale. We offer for sale coniferous and deciduous timber. We carry out drying of timber to transport...
Softwood lumber, birch plywood for export from Russia
Цена по запросу
Кузьминых Е.А., ИП, RU, 34 км
Softwood lumber. Plywood birch FC. Softwood lumber, 1-2 grades (Board and timber, spruce and pine), according to GOST 8486-86. Production in the...
Цена по запросу
Лесозавод Судома, ООО, RU, 34 км +2 объявления
Lesozavod Sudoma in Pskov region and produces and sells timber boards, thermal Board, impregnation, brashirovanie Board and more on customer...
Oak lumber/timber/board unedged, half-edged, edged
Оптовая цена
330 - 850 €/м.куб. FCA
Еко-брус, ЧП, UA, 34 км
Our company is a producer of oak lumber/timber/board. We are a sawmill company and now We are looking for new buyers and partners. We sell oak...
Sawn Timber (Lumber), Hardwood, Softwood, Bars
Цена по запросу
АТЛ-Интер, ООО, RU, 34 км
We are a Russian manufacturer of sawn timber (lumber), and are looking for partners for long-term cooperation. We produce timber from Pine,...
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